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iCloud Contact Number

Get instant support from the iCloud Expert by dialing the toll-free iCloud Contact Number +1-888-815-6317

Get instant support from the iCloud Expert by dialing the toll-free iCloud Contact Number +1-888-815-6317

iCloud Contact Number


10 out of the World Questions, You can ask Siri to Make You LOL!


If you own any of Apple devices - be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac, then you must be familiar with Siri. Now, Siri is an amazing virtual assistant and quite popular as well. It can assist with navigation, search queries and even answer random questions.

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 For a change, Siri was never meant to be something serious. On the contrary, it was meant to be a surprise element for the users and if used to its full potential, it certainly does of the wonders. In recent years, the sarcastic side of Siri has become even more apparent.

For a change, the virtual assistant Siri does exhibit a sense of humor, which is quite extraordinary for an AI. I do not know what to do. The answers may vary and seem inconsequential enough. But it's the way the answers are expressed, which is downright hilarious and somewhat thought-provoking.

10 Questions you can ask Siri to Get Hilarious Responses

  1. What does Siri mean?
  2. What's your favorite computer?
  3. Do you believe in God Almighty?
  4. Are you happy or sad?
  5. Do you follow Game of Thrones?
  6. Are you Male or Female?
  7. What do you dream about?
  8. Can you stop time?
  9. Do you have a girlfriend?
  10. What is Inception?

You can even ask Siri to teach you something:-

  • Where exactly do babies come from?
  • Is Santa Claus for real?
  • When are the pigs supposed to fly?
  • Can you make me a Sandwich?
  • What is the answer to the universe?

The answers in all probability will give you a hearty laugh. It is not as if the answers are crazy or something that you didn’t expect. But, of course, there is some element of truth embedded into it and this really makes for an interesting change.  

How to find support for Siri, if something is amiss?

For an AI, Siri is surely advanced. But there can be problems as well, which you may find difficult to crack. It may also lead to problems, wherein you are not even in a position to access the iCloud services as well. If you are having some serious related to iCloud, then appropriate assistance can be found using the iCloud unlock service number, which can be of immense assistance.

Any other prerogatives

Apart from Siri, iCloud is what helps to store all the important data, without having the need for a large physical space. If there is some issue with the login, it might be a problem accessing the services then. But upon using the iCloud contact number, you can speak directly to one of the proficient experts, who will then assist you to fix the problem.


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